Web Time Entry: Employee Guide


  • The last day of the pay period is the deadline for submitting a timesheet.
  • After you submit your timesheet, you can make changes by clicking the “Return Time” button on timesheet.
  • Timesheets can be submitted at any time during the pay period.
  • Your timesheet shows earning types that apply to your job type only.
  • Always check your balances! It’s easy - just click the ‘Current Leave Balances and History’ link in Employee section of Cyberbear.
  • If an illness keeps you from work, use the sick earning code.


  • Login to CYBERBEAR using your Net ID & password.
  • Click on the "Employee" link.
  • Click on the "Enter Time" button on the right side of the page.
  • If you are not a supervisor and do not have anyone reporting to you: click ‘My Choice’ Radio Button for the Position you want to enter time on (most of us will only have one option).


If you are a supervisor and have employees reporting to you:

  • Click the ‘My Choice’ Radio button next to the ‘Access My Time Sheet’ option.
  • Click the Select button.
  • Click ‘My Choice’ Radio Button for the Position you want to enter time on (most of us will only have one option).
  • From the Pay Period and Status drop down box, select the current pay period (should default to most current).
  • Click the Timesheet button.


  • Click the Enter Hours link under the date worked in the row for the Earnings (column) code used (examples: Regular, Sick, Annual, etc.).
  • In the Hours text box, type the number of hours.
  • Click the Save button.
  • Look for the verification message stating the hours were successfully saved.
  • If you’ve made an error and want to start your time sheet over click the Restart button.


  • Click the Enter Hours link under the date worked in the row for the earnings code used (examples: Regular, Sick, Annual).
  • In the Hours text box, type the number of hours you worked each day this pay period.
  • Click the Copy button.
  • Click on the “Copy from date displayed to end of the pay period” checkbox OR Click the Checkbox for each day you want these hours copied to.
  • If your workweek includes Saturday or Sunday, click those checkboxes too.
  • Click the Copy button.
  • Look for the verification message that states the hours were successfully copied.
  • Click the Timesheet button.
  • The hours have now been copied for all days in the pay period for that earning category.


  • Changing hours you have entered for a particular day is not a problem.
  • Click the Hours link for the date that needs to be changed.
  • In the Hours text box, type the correct number or delete the incorrect number. (Note: Do Not enter a zero. Delete current hours entered and leave blank).
  • Click the Save button.


  • Sometimes there are special circumstances you that will want your timesheet approver to know about. You can leave a comment on your timesheet that the approver will see when he or she opens it up for approval.
  • Click the Comments button at the bottom of the Timesheet page.
  • In the Comments boxes, type your message.
  • Click the Save button.
  • Click the Previous Menu button to return to your timesheet. (Note: Comments on your timesheet are only visible to you in Preview mode).


When your timesheet is ready to submit for approval, it's important for you to preview it first. Check your hours to make sure the days, numbers, and earnings codes are all correct.

  • Click the Preview button at the bottom of your timesheet, the scroll bar may need to be used. (Note: On most computers, the timesheet is too big to be seen all at once. You can make the text size on your screen smaller by clicking “View” and “Text Size” from your Explorer browser menu - or similar commands in Netscape or other browsers).
  • After you have reviewed your time return to your timesheet by clicking the Previous Menu button.


  • Click the Submit for Approval button at the bottom of the timesheet. (Note: This page contains the Certification Statement. Typing your PIN here is equivalent to signing your timesheet; it certifies that you approve the timesheet information as accurate).
  • Click the Submit button.


  • If, after your timesheet has been submitted for approval and/or approved, a correction is required, it can be returned back to you for correction.
  • Click the Return Time button at the bottom of your timesheet. Your time will be return to you and may be updated and corrected.
  • After you have corrected your time, review your time by clicking on the Preview button. To return to your timesheet, click the Previous Menu button.
  • If your supervisor had approved your timesheet prior to the Return Time button being clicked, make sure to communicate with them that your time has been resubmitted for approval.