Documentary Film Certificate

Photo of video camera taping the 2018 student documentary film.The certificate in documentary film provides students with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed to successfully communicate concepts and narratives via the modes of non-fiction filmmaking. Students will acquire a foundational knowledge of essential techniques in cinematography, editing, and sound mixing, and apply them in both journalistic and artistic ways. 

The skills and knowledge gained through the completion of this certificate are applicable to many fields, and are complimentary to the work of any student seeking to communicate non-fiction narratives through visual means.

Documentary Film Certificate Checklist: Catalog Year 2020-2021

To earn a Documentary Film Certificate, the student must complete 15 credits with at least a C- in the course and a 2.0 overall GPA from the classes in the checklist below. There are no required courses outside of this list, and participation in an internship is also not required.

Documentary Film Certificate Required Courses

Select one of the below courses to begin:

JRNL 257

Beginning Visual Journalism

3 credits

MART 251

Digital Video Production

3 credits

Complete all three of the below courses:

MART 345

Sound of Film

3 credits

JRNL 350

Intermediate Video Photography

3 credits

JRNL 490

Documentary Film History

3 credits

Select one of the below courses to finish:

JRNL 488

Student Documentary Unit

3 credits

MART 455

Visions of Documentary Film

3 credits

Total:           15 Credits 

  • All 200 level courses must be completed prior to enrolling in any 300 or 400 courses. All courses listed “CI” in the university catalog require Consent of Instructor for registration.