4+1: Earn a Master’s in Environmental Journalism

Follow your passion outdoors

Students outdoors, with cameras, in the mountains, in the ocean.

Start planning now to earn your Master’s degree in environmental journalism in one year. Available only to UM Journalism undergrads.

Interested? Ask your adviser or let Professor Nadia White know:


How the 5th Year M.A. in Journalism Works:

Start your graduate work as an undergraduate

The 4+1 or 5th year master’s degree is available in the year immediately following your graduation from UM. Let your adviser know you are interested in Spring of your Junior year. They’ll help you chart your way to the classes you need to earn your Master’s Degree in Environmental Science & Natural Resource Journalism in any medium in just one year. 

Undergraduate requirements

 A Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Montana. 

 Completion of JRNL 370 (Public Affairs Reporting) or JRNL 414 (Investigations) 

 At least 9 graduate level Journalism credits in the final undergraduate year, including: • JRNL 505 Graduate Seminar in Environmental Journalism

  • JRNL Capstone course

 At least 6 credits upper-division natural resource science, environmental health or natural resource policy in the last undergraduate year. 

 GREs required for application 

About UM’s Master’s Program in Environmental Science & Natural Resource Journalism

UM’s specialized reporting graduate program started in 2010. Graduate students in the program take core coursework in environmental and science reporting. Outside of journalism they take graduate science courses and environmental law and policy courses from faculty in UM’s Alexander Blewett III School of Law, W.A. Franke College of Forestry & Conservation, and the College of Humanities & Sciences. You’ll complete a single long form reporting project in the medium of your choice and top it off with an externship that helps you build insider knowledge and contacts in the field you want to cover. Our graduates are working across the West and the nation in national and regional news outlets and specialty media as well as in science communications careers with some of the nation’s leading universities.

For more information

Email Professor Nadia White at nadia.white@umontana.edu and schedule an appointment.