Journalism Minor

To earn a minor in journalism, the student must complete 21 credits with at least a C- average and an overall GPA of 2.0 in the following courses: 

  • JRNL 100 - Media History and Literacy
  • JRNL 170 - Elements of Newswriting
  • JRNL 257 - Beginning Visual Journalism
  • JRNL 270 - Reporting
  • JRNL 300 - First Amendment and Journalism Law
  • JRNL 400 - Ethics and Trends in News Media
  • Any 300 or 400-level elective course in journalism 

* There are no required courses outside of the department and participation in an internship is not required. All 100 and 200 level courses must be completed prior to enrolling in any 300 or 400 courses. One additional 300 or 400 level course should be taken to fulfill the 21 credits required to minor in journalism. All courses listed “CI” in the university catalog require Consent of Instructor for registration.

See more information in the course catalog here.