Frequently Asked Questions

How many dual enrollment classes can I take?
It is recommended that dual enrollment students take no more than 2 dual enrollment courses per semester during their junior and senior year. 

If I drop the high school course, won't I be dropped from the college credit too?
No. It is your responsibility to contact the Missoula College Dual Enrollment Program Director about dropping or withdrawing from the course. It is important to submit the proper paperwork prior to the listed deadline to avoid a failing grade being posted to your transcript. 

Does the withdrawal from a dual enrollment course affect my GPA?
Dual enrollment courses not dropped by required deadlines are recorded as F. Withdrawn or dropped courses are excluded from GPA calculation but will show up as a W on the transcript. Please not that dropping or withdrawing from a dual enrollment course must be done by the posted deadlines. 

I have finished a dual enrollment course, but did not originally register for the course through the institution. Can I register after the course for the credits?
No. Once a course has ended, a student cannot add or drop a course. 

Will my dual credit course(s) transfer to College X?
Possibly. The answer depends on multiple factors. Call the college you are planning to attend for assistance. 

How will my dual credit courses transfer to College X?
If College X is part of the MUS system AND the dual credit course is part of the CCN system, it is designed to transfer. How the dual credit course 'fits' into the degree program of choice is decided by College X. It is best to call your future college and ask how the course fits into your academic goals.

I have graduated high school and will be attending college X in the fall. I did not pass my dual credits courses while in high school. Do I have to submit my dual credit college transcripts to College X?
Yes. Dual enrollment courses are part of your official academic record. It is important to understand that failing grades or withdrawals on an official transcript may compromise your ability to receive financial aid, eligibility for athletics, or admission to some institutions and degree programs. Failure to disclose previous attendance may result in dismissal and having your financial aid revoked.

Do I qualify for Federal Financial Aid as a dual enrollment student?

No. Although dual enrollment students do not qualify for financial aid, poor or failing grades as a dual enrollment student can adversely affect your ability to qualify for financial assistance in the future.