Name Changes for Students

Legal Name Changes

To change a student's legal name in their student record, they must present a government issued photo ID showing their new name to a Registrar’s Office staff member. If the student cannot present identification in person, they may sign the legal name change form in front of a public notary. Please see the Legal Name Change page for more information. 

Adding a Chosen Name

For some students, a chosen name may be an important component of their identity. Therefore, under the University’s name change policy, any student may opt to identify a chosen first and/or middle name even if they have not changed their legal name. A student’s preferred name will appear instead of their legal name in select University-related systems, as long as the chosen name is not being used for the purpose of misrepresentation. You can read more about adding a chosen name here.

Adding Your Pronouns and Gender Designation

Students may also opt to add their pronouns and gender designation to their student records. You can find more information on the Chosen Name page.