The School of Theatre and Dance acknowledges that these are the aboriginal territories of the Salish and Kalispel people, a number of whom are our colleagues, students, and friends. We honor the path they have always shown us in caring for this place for the generations to come.
Welcome future UM actors, dancers, designers, and scholars! To request information about the School of Theatre and Dance and the University of Montana click the button below and enter your information. You can also email to schedule a visit, attend a class or rehearsal, and see one of our productions.


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Learn by doing! Our programs--acting, dance, design and technology, education and musical theatre with graduate programs in directing, design, music directing, and performance studies--deliver breadth and depth of study across all disciplines for the people of the state of Montana and those who seek inspiration from our unique place in the natural world. With flexible curriculum and several minors, you can double major in programs across campus while continuing to pursue your passion for theatre and dance.

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Build Community! Our commitment to individualized mentorship help make the University of Montana an ideal place to study the performing arts in the pacific northwest. Our faculty, staff, and prestigious visiting artists provide comprehensive training and professional development opportunities that will help you foster an innovative and entrepreneurial path to meet your artistic and professional goals. Contacts us to learn more about how studying theatre and dance can prepare you for whatever career you might pursue.

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Make art that matters! Each year students create work as performers, directors, choreographers, designers, and technicians on our stages, in our studios, and the Montana Repertory Theatre. Each production is an opportunity to collaborate with a company of artists drawn from the student body, the community, and distinguished guest artists. We provide access to the performing arts and challenge audiences to open their hearts and minds, ultimately expanding their understanding of what it means to be human.

Upcoming Events

The following events are up next in our season! Visit the Grizhub Links below for more information on specific times and dates. For a complete overview of our productions this visit our season page.