You can use the automated request tool, Request a Moodle Supplement at the bottom of the page, to get access to Moodle for your course. Under normal circumstances, your Moodle shell will be available within an hour of requesting it. In the event of emergency, please be aware that times may fluctuate based on the level of requests.

The Moodle Basics for Faculty is a self-paced tutorial covering the basics of navigating and adding content to your Moodle course shell. 

We highly suggest reviewing UMOnline's Moodle Resources page for more information and tutorials rather than searching online for tutorials. There you can find quick basic video tutorials from UMOnline covering topics such as Navigation in a Course shellBasic Course Settings or Adding Content. Our tutorials are more customized and accurate to the version of Moodle we use and you may be overwhelmed with the search results you get with an open Internet search. 

You may visit UMOnline's informative Zoom page for more information, tutorials, and insight on using Zoom.

You may choose to accommodate students that have limited online device access or no Internet access at all. Please consider printing out and mailing information to your students and understand your students may need deadline extensions as this is a slower process.

Please review the Disability Services for Students COVID FAQ page to accommodate your students and their resources page for more information. 

Disability related modifications remain in place in emergency situations. In the event all classes move to an online format the modifications of extended testing time, rest breaks during exams, and flexibility with assignment and exam deadlines are still in place. 

University interpreters and captionists will work remotely using Zoom or Moodle to ensure access for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students. You will be contacted by the DSS office to ensure proper set up for interpreters. 

When creating course materials, please refer to the WCAG AA 2.0 Standards to ensure that all of your course materials are accessible. 

As always Disability Services for Students is here to support and work with you to ensure access for your courses. If you have questions please contact Disability Services for Students at 406-243-2243 or email DSS@umontana.edu.

Additionally, though Zoom sessions are not live captioned automatically, a transcript is provided in recorded sessions. If you would like to have your Zoom session live-captioned, you would either need a presenter or an assigned attendee to do the live captioning in real-time.

Consider recording your live sessions and providing a recording to your students who may require this accommodation. NOTE: It may take 2-3 hours to finalize the recording. 

Please review the Deliver Quality Instruction section of the Draft Campus-Specific Guidance (COVID-19)

If interested in understanding the different modalities, please read the UMOnline modality memo from Spring 2020.

You can also review the Faculty and Academic Unit Guidelines from President Bodner from earlier this year.