Downloadable Student Support Insert

UM Online has pulled together a focused list of resources to support online and remote students, which faculty can include with their syllabus or within their Moodle course shell.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Now is the ideal time to look into Remote Instruction, and Open Education Resources (OER) for your courses. OER eliminates copyright issues related to course materials used for remote instruction and provides students with access to course materials at no cost, which is crucial to supporting students now more than ever.

Check out Mansfield Library’s Library Guide to OER for more information about OER, OER repositories and resources, free OER webinars, and OER grant opportunities offered by OCHE and TRAILS.

Questions about OER? Contact Wendy Walker, Digital Initiatives Librarian at the Mansfield Library or Christina Trunnell, Statewide OER Coordinator.