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Financial Education

We offer one-on-one financial counseling sessions as well as regularly scheduled workshops on a range of topics such as

  • Budgeting – how to balance long-term goals against short-term needs.
  • Credit – how to use credit wisely, build a strong credit score and pay off credit card debt.
  • Savings – how to open a savings account and save to reach goals.
  • FAFSA – assistance in filing your FAFSA and understanding the Financial Aid package that comes from it.
  • Student Loans – how to design a strategy to avoid over borrowing, default prevention and your payment options so that you can pay off student loans as quickly as possible.

Go to the Workshops page to see when and where we will be having presentations about these and other topics!  

For the VETS Budgeting Workshop that will be meeting October 13th and 14th, here is the Monthly Budget Excel spreadsheet used in the presentation.  

If you are interested in a free, private session with a staff member to discuss your personal financial situation or just to have clarification about the Federal Student Aid process, call 406-243-6016 or click "Schedule Now" below.  

After clicking the "Schedule Now" button, you must choose either "Holly Wright" or "Julie Pavlish" from the first dropdown menu.  These staff members are the only ones that can offer assistance with your Financial Session.  Once you have selected either of these staff members you can choose a Basic (30 minute) session or an Extended (60 minute) session.   After scheduling your appointment, please download the Intake Form you must bring with you to the session.  

We look forward to working with you!

Schedule An Individual Appointment

Make good financial decisions early in your academic career so that you can spend reasonably, save responsibly and enjoy peace of mind about your finances!