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Transformational Learning Opportunities

Your college career is essential to your success in the workforce. UM Bitterroot is dedicated to preparing you for your future with our various degrees and certificates that range from one semester to two years. In addition, as part of the UM Bitterroot, we offer pathways that allow you to transfer to the UM Mountain and Missoula College Campus programs.

Outstanding Faculty

At the heart of UM Bitterroot, the faculty members act as valuable mentors to provide a student-centered learning environment to help students build industry skills and confidence.  The skills and knowledge you gain at UM Bitterroot can be used as you advance in your studies and your career as a productive member of an ever-changing global society. 

Career Readiness

We pride ourselves on our graduate's ability to pivot from school to industry.  Internships, career coaching, and courses are essential in making this transition. UM Bitterroot is dedicated to helping you build these skills so that you have the tools to land the job of your dreams.