FAQs on test accommodations

To verify your instructor's agreement that you take your test at the Testing Center, we need your test accommodation form. If you have difficulty obtaining your instructor's signature, we recommend that you email your instructors by copying dss.testing@mso.umt.eduand your access consultant. If the problem persists, contact the Testing Center and request temporarily holding a space for you.

The Testing Center requires your instructor's written verification that the exam date has changed. An email or new test accommodation form suffices as written verification. You must confirm with the Testing Center that there is testing space available for the new exam date.

To ask questions during the exam, you must arrange in advance with your instructors when you get your test accommodation form signed. You should ask your instructors the best way to contact them if you have a question during your exam.

It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that their test accommodation form contains all accurate information before submitting it to the Testing Center. Make certain that your instructor has provided all the essential information on the form to avoid confusion on the day of the exam.

The Testing Center requires the instructor’s written permission for students to reschedule the missed exam with the Testing Center. The students will need to get a new test accommodation form signed and then schedule the new date and time with the Testing Center.

For the fastest delivery, the Testing Center can scan and email the students' exams to the instructor.

The Testing Center returns exams several times a day. If the instructor is out of the office when we tried to return an exam, we will attempt to return the exam the following day. We recommend that instructors indicate a departmental office for the return of the exam on the test accommodation form.

No, we don't. The Office for Disability Equity does not offer disability evaluation. If you are looking for diagnosticians, contact our office. Our access consultants can provide a list of practitioners in the Missoula area so you can seek testing such as a learning disability evaluation.

The Office for Disability Equity does not provide testing accommodations for non-disability-related reasons. It is up to the instructors' discretion on whether to grant extended test time or other test accommodations to English language learners. Additionally, instructors are responsible for the administration of any exams they wish to extend or accommodate for English language learners.