Meal Plans

NEW! Summer Meal Plans

UM Dining Summer Meal Plans

Dine with us in the Food Zoo dining room in the Lommasson Center this summer! Purchase a Summer Meal Plan today by visiting our website.

May 14 - August 24, 2018

Pre-Purchase 10 meals for $80 - that's $8 per visit! 

  • Open weekdays for lunch, 11-1:30 (excluding holidays)
  • UMD To-Go Program Eligible
  • Host a guest if you like!  (Limit one per meal.)
  • Occasionally open for breakfasts, dinners, and weekends, depending on number of guests on campus
  • Unused meals expire Friday, August 24
How to purchase:
  • Online! Visit our website!
  • Call us!  (406) 243-6325
  • Come in!  UMD Office hours are M-F, 8-5; Lommasson 114.
 Features of a UMD Summer Meal Plan:
  • Affordable - $8 for all-you-care-to-eat, buffet-style dining!
  • Convenient - Dine with your coworkers quickly and easily on campus!
  • Chef-crafted entrees, salads, soups, and desserts featured daily
  • Menus feature summer fruits and vegetables from local farmers and UM Dining gardens
  • Most dietary preferences accommodated (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-friendly, halal, etc.)


UMD Summer Meal Plans are available to UM students, faculty and staff with an active Griz Card.

Fall 2018

RESIDENTIAL MEAL PLANS - Fall 2018 & Spring 2019


This comprehensive dining plan appeals to students who typically eat three meals per day, but would like to eat some of those meals in other on-campus locations. For $2,688, you can enjoy up to 21 visits each week to the Food Zoo, our all-you-care-to-eat dining center, for a minimal charge of $3.75 per visit, or you can choose to spend your weekly meal plan funds at nearly all of our other on-campus retail locations. You’ll also receive $100 in Flex Dollars, which can be used on food purchases at all UM Dining retail locations on and off campus.


This robust dining plan offers the best value and the most food! For $2,427, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to the Food Zoo, our all-you-care-to-eat, buffet-style dining center. You’ll also receive $100 in Flex Dollars, which can be used on food purchases at all UM Dining retail locations on and off campus, including our coffee shops, the Corner Store, the UC Market and Food Court; even The Iron Griz restaurant at the UM Golf Course.  This plan is ideal for students who prefer frequent meals or snacks throughout the day. 


Meal Plans1

Food Zoo Entrance Price

Weekly Meal Plan Deposit

Maximum Weekly Entrances to the Food Zoo

Flex Dollars2

Cost per Semester

Food Zoo Unlimited



 No limit

$100 per semester






$100 per semester


1 A meal plan is a pre-purchase of meals and services for an entire semester.
2 Flex Dollars carry over from week to week, but do not carry over from semester to semester. 
3 Subject to change. 
*$3.75 represents food cost only. The difference between the total of the Weekly Meal Plan Funds and the cost of a meal plan is all non-food expenses including labor, utilities, rent, supplies, etc.
**The Weekly Meal Plan Fund is based on the academic calendar and is prorated for short weeks (holidays, etc.). Weekly Meal Plan Funds reset every Sunday morning and do not carry over from week to week. 
***Maximum number of entrances per week when all Meal Plan Funds are spent in The Food Zoo only.


UM Dining's residential meal plans (All-Campus and Food Zoo Unlimited) include Flex Dollars that are automatically loaded on your Griz Card. These dollars add greater flexibility and choices. Flex dollars work just like cash at all of our locations on campus to increase convenience and flexibility for students with a busy schedule.

Bear Bucks

Available to all students, faculty, staff, and UM affiliates with an active Griz Card. Bear Bucks is a declining balance discount food purchasing account offering campus-wide dining flexibility. More information...