UM Dining Meal Plans

For Fall Semester 2014 and Spring Semester 2015, UM Dining offers two meal plans designed to accommodate today's student dining preferences.  


The most flexible, versatile, and cost-effective meal plan we offer.  The All Campus Meal Plan is accepted at all 24 UM Dining venues, which includes both Missoula College campuses and the UM Golf Course Clubhouse.  This plan provides $74.75 in Weekly Meal Plan Funds and an additional $104 in Bear Bucks per semester.  Bear Bucks are accepted at all UM Dining venues including the Galloping Griz food truck and during campus shut-down periods. 


The Lommasson Plus Meal Plan provides $52 in Weekly Meal Plan Funds and an additional $104 in Bear Bucks per semester. The Lommasson Plus Plan is accepted at the Food Zoo, Corner Store, Le Peak, Jus Chill'n at Campus Recreation, both Missoula College campuses, and the UM Golf Course Clubhouse.    Bear Bucks are accepted at all UM Dining venues including the Galloping Griz food truck, UM Golf Course Clubhouse, and during campus shut-down periods.


Meal Plan Bear Bucks work just like our very popular regular Bear Bucks and provide campus-wide dining flexibility.


  • Access to all 24 campus wide dining venues at all 13 locations.
  • Students can use Meal Plan Bear Bucks to enter the Food Zoo for $3.25 if their Weekly Meal Plan Funds have been depleted.
  • A 10% discount off all food purchases at UM Dining and affiliate retail venues (i.e., Pizza Hut, Jus Chilln', Noodle Express, etc.).
  • Meal Plan Bear Bucks provide access to meals over breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter Session, and Spring Break).

RESIDENTIAL MEAL PLANS - Fall 2014 & Spring 2015

Meal Plans1
Food Zoo Entrance Price Weekly Meal Plan Fund Maximum Weekly Entrances to the Food Zoo Meal Plan Bear Bucks Cost per Semester
All Campus Meal Plan $3.25* $74.75** 23*** $104 per semester**** $2,255
Lommasson Plus Meal Plan $3.25* $52.00** 16*** $104 per semester**** $2,035

*$3.25 represents food cost only. The difference between the total of the Weekly Meal Plan Funds and the meal plan cost per semester represents the cost of overhead (i.e., all non-food expenses like labor, utilities, rent, equipment, etc.).

**The Weekly Meal Plan Fund is based on the academic calendar and is prorated for short weeks with holidays. Weekly Meal Plan Funds reset every Sunday morning and do not carry over from week to week.

***Maximum number of entrances per week to the Food Zoo when all Weekly Meal Plan Funds are spent in the Food Zoo only.

**** Meal Plan Bear Bucks balances carry over from Fall to Spring Semester when purchasing a meal plan of equal or greater value. Meal Plan Bear Bucks do not carry over from one academic year to the next, unless an additional $20 or more have been purchased prior to the end of spring semester. Students can add funds to their Meal Plan Bear Bucks account at any time.

1 A meal plan is a pre-purchase of meals and additional services on a semester basis.

Please refer to our Frequently-Asked-Questions section.

The Food Zoo cash entrance price is:  Breakfast - $8.75; Lunch - $9.75; Dinner - $10.75


  • February 6, 2015       Last day to downgrade a meal plan is the Friday of week 2.
  • February 27, 2015    Last day to cancel a meal plan unless withdrawing from school is Friday of Week 5, and no refunds are given after the last business day of Week 11.
  • April 10, 2015           No meal plan refunds given after this date.    
  • May 8, 2015              Last day to upgrade meal plan is the Friday before Finals Week.

Students may upgrade their meal plan anytime during the semester.

Meal Plan Bear Bucks are non-refundable, unless you are cancelling your entire meal plan prior to 9/26/14 (Fall), 02/27/15 (Spring), or are withdrawing from the university.

  • Please visit the Residence Life website for information regarding housing.