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A Message from Elizabeth Hubble

Director, UM's Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program

PETSA—Personal Empowerment through Self Awareness—features videos that deal frankly with sexual assault and rape. They are designed to be informative and educational.

The videos emerged out of a multidisciplinary team effort at The University of Montana, comprised of faculty, staff and students, and are based on rape and sexual assault reduction and prevention data.

The role of gender in rape and sexual assault can be challenging. We ask our students and anyone watching these videos to approach them open to this challenge. By hearing the important information presented, we hope that all of our students grow in their relationships on campus so that they can truly enjoy their college years.

What is PETSA?

PETSA is the cornerstone of UM’s campaign to address issues of sexual violence. It is an online tutorial designed to educate the entire campus community.

Who is it for?

PETSA is for the entire UM community and anyone interested in ending sexual violence. All students are required to complete the PETSA online tutorial and quiz. We invite everyone to explore this website, view the videos, and offer feedback.

How does it work?

PETSA is an online tutorial in Moodle that comprises a number of short videos and a quiz. It takes 20-30 minutes to complete. All students must complete the tutorial before registering for future semester courses.

Students: Go to the tutorial